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Federal Courts Rules (SOR/98-106)

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Regulations are current to 2024-05-28 and last amended on 2022-01-13. Previous Versions

FORM 261Rule 261Notice of Pre-Trial Conference

(General Heading — Use Form 66)

(Court seal)

Notice of Pre-Trial Conference


PURSUANT TO the requisition filed by (identify party) on (date), a pre-trial conference will be held on (day), (date) at (time) at (location).

ALL PARTIES OR THEIR AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVES must participate together with all solicitors of record, unless the Court directs otherwise.

A PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE MEMORANDUM in accordance with subsection 258(3) of the Federal Courts Rules must be served and filed by each party, other than the party who filed the requisition for a pre-trial conference, within 30 days after being served with the requisition.

A PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE MEMORANDUM must be accompanied by the documents referred to in subsection 258(4) of the Rules.


  • (a) the possibility of settlement of any or all of the issues in the action and of referring any unsettled issues to a dispute resolution conference;

  • (b) simplification of the issues in the action;

  • (c) any issues arising from any affidavits or statements of expert witnesses, and the need for any additional or rebuttal expert witness evidence;

  • (d) the possibility of obtaining admissions that may facilitate the trial;

  • (e) the issue of liability;

  • (f) the amount of damages, where damages are claimed;

  • (g) the estimated duration of the trial;

  • (h) the advisability of having the Court appoint an expert to give testimony at the trial;

  • (i) the advisability of a reference;

  • (j) suitable dates for trial;

  • (k) the necessity for interpreters or simultaneous interpretation at the trial;

  • (l) whether a notice of constitutional question needs to be served under section 57 of the Federal Courts Act;

  • (m) the content of the trial record; and

  • (n) any other matter that may promote the timely and just disposition of the action.

YOU ARE REQUIRED TO CONFIRM YOUR ATTENDANCE, either in person or by teleconference, by telephoning: (Name and telephone number)


Issued by: (Registry Officer)

Address of local office: blank line

blank line

  • 2002, c. 8, s. 182
  • SOR/2004-283, s. 35
  • SOR/2007-301, s. 11

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