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Cargo, Fumigation and Tackle Regulations (SOR/2007-128)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2021-10-31. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 5(Subsection 305(1))

Testing of Loose and Main Accessory Gear

Column 1Column 2
1Chains, hooks, links, rings, shackles, slings, sockets, swages, swivels and similar loose gear2 × SWL
2Single-sheave pulley blocks without a becket4 × SWL
3Single-sheave pulley blocks with a becket6 × SWL
4Multiple-sheave pulley blocks with an SWL of
(a) not more than 20 tonnes(a) 2 × SWL
(b) more than 20 tonnes but not more than 40 tonnes(b) SWL + 20 tonnes
(c) more than 40 tonnes(c) 1.5 × SWL
5Main accessory gear with an SWL of
(a) not more than 10 tonnes(a) 2 × SWL
(b) more than 10 tonnes but not more than 160 tonnes(b) (1.04 × SWL) + 9.6 tonnes
(c) more than 160 tonnes(c) 1.1 × SWL
6Friction, electro-magnetic and vacuum connectors2 × SWL

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