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Marine Machinery Regulations (SOR/90-264)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2023-12-20. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE XICompressed Air and Refrigerating Gas Systems

PART I(Section 4)Design Specifications

1Means shall be provided to prevent over-pressure in any part of compressed air and refrigerating gas systems and in water jackets or casings of compressors and coolers that may be subjected to over-pressure due to pressurized air or gas leakage.
2Where necessary, engine starting compressed air arrangements shall be adequately protected against the effects of backfiring and internal explosion in the starting air pipes.
3All discharge pipes from starting air compressors shall lead directly to the starting air receivers, and all starting pipes from the air receivers to main or auxiliary engines shall be entirely separate from the compressor discharge piping system.
4Means shall be provided to reduce to a minimum the entry of oil into the air pressure systems and to drain those systems.
5Where soldering is to be used for piping connections, the metal shall be silver solder.

PARTS II to IV[Repealed, SOR/2021-135, s. 79]


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