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Rules of Procedure for Hearings Before the Military Police Complaints Commission, 2022 (SOR/2022-9)

Regulations are current to 2024-02-06

SCHEDULE 3(Paragraph 81(4)(d))Undertaking of Expert Witness

FILE NUMBER blank line

STYLE OF CAUSE blank line

  • 1 My name is blank line (name in block letters of expert witness). I live in blank line (city) in the (province/state) of blank line, blank line (country).

  • 2 I have been engaged by or on behalf of blank line (name of person retaining expert) to provide evidence as an expert in relation to the above-noted proceeding.

  • 3 I acknowledge that it is my duty to provide evidence in relation to that hearing as follows:

    • (a) to provide my opinion on evidence that is fair, objective and non-partisan;

    • (b) to provide my opinion on evidence that is related only to matters that are within my area of expertise; and

    • (c) to provide any additional assistance that the Complaints Commission may reasonably require to determine an issue.

  • 4 I acknowledge that the duty referred to above prevails over any obligation that I may owe to any party by whom or on whose behalf I am engaged.

Date blank line

blank line
(signature of expert)
blank line
(name of expert in block letters)

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