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Yukon Territory Fishery Regulations (C.R.C., c. 854)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2023-06-23. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE VII(Sections 10 and 11)

Ticketable Offences and Fines

ItemColumn IColumn IIColumn III
Provision of RegulationsOffenceFine
14(1)Fish without a licence$100
24(1)Engage in fish farming without a licence$500
34(1)Hold a derby without a licence$100
47(2)Catch and retain in one day more than the prescribed daily catch limit$100, plus $50 for each fish to a maximum of $1,000
4.17(2.1)Continue angling, in any one day, after catching and retaining or catching and releasing more than five fish regardless of species$100, plus $50 for each fish to a maximum of $1,000
57(3)Possess more fish than the prescribed possession limit$100, plus $50 for each fish to a maximum of $1,000
67(6)(a)Angle with more than one line$100, plus $50 for each line to a maximum of $1,000
77(7)Leave fishing gear unattended while angling$100
7.17(14)(a)Angle using other than a barbless hook$100
7.27(14)(b)Angle using other than a single-pointed barbless hook$100
87(15)Possess gaff while angling$100
97(16)Angle for salmon or possess salmon without a Salmon Conservation Catch Card$100
107(18)(a)Fail to record salmon catch on Salmon Conservation Catch Card$100
117(18)(b)Fail to produce Salmon Conservation Catch Card$100
127(18)(c)Fail to submit Salmon Conservation Catch Card$100
139(1)(a)Molest fish$250
149(1)(a)Injure fish$250
159(1)(d)Fish by snagging$250
169(1)(d)Fish with snares or set lines$250
179(3)(a)Bring live aquatic organisms into the Yukon Territory for use as bait$250
189(3)(b)Release live fish in waters other than waters from which they were taken or release fish without a permit$250
199(3)(c)Release into waters live aquatic organisms that are not taken from waters of the Yukon Territory$250
  • SOR/99-98, s. 14
  • SOR/2003-339, s. 15

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