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Coast Guard Radio Station Communications Charges Order, 1994 (SOR/94-501)

Regulations are current to 2023-09-19

SCHEDULE(Section 4)

Column IColumn IIColumn IIIColumn IV
ItemType of CommunicationPeriod of Time or Number of WordsCharge in Canadian DollarsCharge in Gold Francs
1Radiotelephone(a) first three minutes15.5529.11
(b) each additional minute or part thereof5.189.70
2Radiotelegram(a) first seven words10.2219.13
(b) each additional word1.462.73
3Radiotelex(a) first three minutes15.5529.11
(b) each additional tenth of a minute or part thereof0.5180.97
  • SOR/95-277, s. 2
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