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Mackenzie Valley Federal Areas Waters Regulations (SOR/93-303)

Regulations are current to 2021-02-15 and last amended on 2016-06-13. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE II(Section 2)

Classification of Undertakings

Column IColumn II
ItemType of UndertakingDescription of Undertaking
1Industrial undertakingAny industrial activity other than mining and milling, including manufacturing processes, hydrostatic testing, fluming, the exploration for, and production and transportation of oil and gas, cooling systems, food processing, tanneries, smelters, sawmills, pulp mills, metal finishing and tailings reprocessing
2Mining and milling undertakingOperation of a mine within the meaning of the Canada Mining Regulations or the Territorial Coal Regulations, and any milling related thereto
3Municipal undertaking

Any activity

  • (a) in a municipality, or in a settlement comprising a multiplicity of residential units, that uses only a municipal water and sewage system, including domestic, horticultural, fire protection, commercial or industrial activities, or

  • (b) in a camp or lodge

4Power undertakingAuthorized hydro or geothermal electrical generation of
150 or fewer kilowatts
More than 150 kW but less than 5 000 kW
5 000 or more kilowatts but less than 10 000 kW
10 000 or more kilowatts but less than 20 000 kW
20 000 or more kilowatts but less than 50 000 kW
50 000 or more kilowatts but less than 100 000 kW
100 000 or more kilowatts
5Agricultural undertakingNourishing crops or the providing of water for livestock
6Conservation undertakingConstruction of works for the preservation, protection or improvement of the existing natural environment
7Recreational undertakingA commercial or public recreational development
8Miscellaneous undertakingAny other undertaking
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