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Import of Chickens Permit (SOR/79-72)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19

Import of Chickens Permit



Registration 1979-01-12

General Import Permit No. 2

The Acting Prime Minister, pursuant to section 8 of the Import Permit Regulations, hereby issues the annexed General Import Permit No. 2, effective January 15, 1979.

Dated at Ottawa, this 5th day of January, 1979

Acting Prime Minister

Short Title

 This Permit may be cited as the Import of Chickens Permit.

  • SI/82-116, Sch. I, s. 1
  • SI/83-181, s. 1


 Any person may, under the authority of this General Import Permit, import into Canada from any country any of the goods described in item 19 of the Import Control List if

  • (a) the goods do not exceed 9 kg in net weight for each importation and are imported into Canada for the personal use of the importer or a member of the importer’s household; or

  • (b) the goods are chickens contained in a jar or can.

  • SI/83-181, s. 1
  • SI/89-138, s. 1

 Where completion and validation of a customs entry form is required with respect to any shipment of goods referred to in section 1 that are imported under the authority of this General Import Permit, that form shall be endorsed “Imported under the authority of General Import Permit No. 2” or “Importé selon la Licence générale d’importation no 2.”

 [Revoked, SI/83-181, s. 2]

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