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Federal Elections Fees Tariff (SOR/2021-22)

Regulations are current to 2022-07-25 and last amended on 2021-03-01. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE(Sections 2 to 30, subsection 31(1), sections 34 and 37 to 39 and subsections 40(1) and 41(1) and (3))Rates and Fees Payable


Rates and Base Fees Payable to Election Administrators

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5
ItemElection AdministratorMonthly Rate Payable Outside of Election PeriodBase Fee Payable During Election PeriodBase Fee Payable After Election PeriodHourly Rate
1Returning officer$429.28$22,483.54$6,975.80$53.66
2Assistant returning officerNot applicable$16,550.50$3,160.00$39.50
3Additional assistant returning officerNot applicable$16,550.50$3,160.00$39.50
4Field liaison officer$925.80$25,860.68$7,406.40$61.72


Rates Payable to Election Workers

Column 1Column 2
ItemElection WorkerHourly Rate
1Level 1$15.29
2Level 2$17.59
3Level 3$20.23
4Level 4$23.27
5Level 5$29.09


Other Allowances Payable

Column 1Column 2
1Storing of election materials$40.00 per month
2Use of personal telephone$10.00 per day, up to a maximum of $50.00 per election period
3Use of personal modem and Internet connection$20.00 per month
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