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Environmental Emergency Regulations, 2019 (SOR/2019-51)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2019-08-24. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 8(Subsection 18(3))Information to Be Included in the Written Report of Environmental Emergency

  • 1 The name, civic address and telephone number of the person who is providing the written report.

  • 2 If applicable, the name of the entity or person that is responsible for the facility that is associated with the environmental emergency.

  • 3 If applicable, the North American Industry Classification System codes, consisting of at least four digits, that describe the operations at the facility that is associated with the environmental emergency.

  • 4 The date and time of the environmental emergency and the location where it occurred, including the latitude and longitude, expressed in decimal degrees to five decimal places, and, if applicable, the civic address of that location.

  • 5 The name, CAS registry number and, if applicable, UN number of the substance that was released or likely to be released.

  • 6 The quantity of the substance that was released or likely to be released or, if the quantity cannot be determined, an estimate of it.

  • 7 If the substance is or was in a container system, a description of the container system, including a description of its condition.

  • 8 A description of the harmful effects or potential harmful effects of the environmental emergency on the environment and on human life or health, including effects on any surrounding hospitals, schools, residential, commercial or industrial buildings, highways, public transit infrastructure, parks, forests, wildlife habitats, water sources or water bodies.

  • 9 A description of the circumstances of the environmental emergency and its cause, if known, and of the measures taken to mitigate any harmful effects on the environment or on human life or health.

  • 10 A description of all measures taken or planned to be taken to prevent similar environmental emergencies from occurring.


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