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Order Amending the Sechelt Indian Band Constitution (SOR/2019-307)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19


Summary of amendments to the constitution of the Sechelt Indian Band approved by the Band in a referendum held on May 25, 2019:

  • (a) amendments to the Definitions and Part I, Division (1), section 3 with respect to Band membership to ensure that all members are entitled to vote in Band elections and run for office in Band elections;

  • (b) amendments to the Definitions, Part I, Division (4) and Part II, Division (1) to update and clarify qualifications for those running for office, to extend voting rights to non-resident members and to ensure that non-resident members are entitled to run in Band elections;

  • (c) amendments to Division (4) to update and clarify the procedure for Band referenda, elections and by-elections and to require that a Sechelt Indian Band election and referendum law be enacted to set out the processes to be followed in referenda, elections and by-elections (which law could be amended in the future to allow for procedural amendments without the need to amend the constitution); and

  • (d) miscellaneous editorial amendments.


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