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Tents Regulations (SOR/2016-185)

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Regulations are current to 2020-06-17

SCHEDULE 2(Paragraph 4(c))Precautions

  • 1 The following precautions should be taken when camping:

    • (a) do not use candles, matches or open flames of any kind inside or near a tent;

    • (b) do not cook inside a tent;

    • (c) build campfires downwind and several metres away from a tent and be sure to fully extinguish campfires before leaving a campsite or before going to sleep;

    • (d) exercise extreme caution when using fuel-powered lanterns or heaters inside a tent and use battery-operated lanterns whenever possible;

    • (e) do not refuel lamps, heaters or stoves inside a tent;

    • (f) extinguish or turn off all lanterns before going to sleep;

    • (g) do not smoke inside a tent; and

    • (h) do not store flammable liquids inside a tent.

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