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Order Acknowledging Receipt of the Assessments Done Pursuant to Subsection 23(1) of the Act (SI/2022-26)

Regulations are current to 2024-04-01


Extirpated Species

  • Arthropods
    • Blue, Karner (Plebejus samuelis)

      Bleu mélissa

Endangered Species

  • Plants
    • Hesperochiron, Dwarf (Hesperochiron pumilus)

      Hespérochiron nain

    • Paintbrush, Hairy (Castilleja tenuis)

      Castilléjie grêle

    • Quillwort, Columbia (Isœtes minima)

      Isoète du Columbia

    • Valerian, Hairy (Valeriana edulis ssp. ciliata)

      Valériane ciliée

  • Mosses
    • Beard-moss, Drooping-leaved (Oxystegus recurvifolius)

      Trichostome à feuilles recourbées

    • Moss, Carey’s Small Limestone (Seligeria careyana)

      Séligérie de Carey

    • Moss, Dalton’s (Daltonia splachnoides)

      Daltonie faux-splachne

Threatened Species

  • Mammals
    • Caribou, Peary (Rangifer tarandus pearyi)

      Caribou de Peary

Special Concern

  • Reptiles
    • Lizard, Greater Short-horned (Phrynosoma hernandesi)

      Lézard à petites cornes majeur

  • Arthropods
    • Bumble Bee, American (Bombus pensylvanicus)

      Bourdon américain

    • Wasp, Yellow Scarab Hunter (Dielis pilipes)

      Scolie dorée

  • Plants
    • Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis)

      Hydraste du Canada


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