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Customs Diplomatic Privileges Regulations (C.R.C., c. 522)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-28

SCHEDULE(Section 6)Application for Free Rates of Customs Duties on Imported Motor Vehicles

Placeblank lineDate

  • 1 To: the Deputy Minister, National Revenue (Customs and Excise) blank line

I, (full name), having been officially notified to the Department of External Affairs, Ottawa, as (official designation)blank line(located at), I apply for importation at free rates of customs duties of the motor vehicle described below, in accordance with the Customs Diplomatic Privileges Regulations. I declare that I have purchased the following motor vehicle:


2YearMakeCountry of ManufactureModelSerial No.Purchase Price
  • 3 Name of Sales Agency blank line

    Address blank line

  • 4 The above described motor vehicle is being acquired for my personal, family and official use and not for sale, and I am aware that it may not be sold or otherwise disposed of in Canada within a period of two years after the date of its acquisition, except on payment of customs duties as applicable on the appraised value at the time of sale. If for any reason it becomes necessary to sell or dispose of this vehicle within two years after the date of acquisition, I undertake to give advance notification in writing to the Department of National Revenue, Customs and Excise, Planning and Administration Division, Excise Branch, Ottawa, K1A 0L5, and to pay the said customs duties as required.

    Signature of Applicant blank line

    Official Designation blank line

    Street Address blank line

    Note: If the applicant is other than the Head of the Mission, this application should also be signed by the Head of Mission as indicating approval.

    Signature of Head of Mission blank line

    Official Designation blank line


Note: Three completed copies of this application with customer’s order or sales invoice attached shall be delivered to the local Customs and Excise Office for approval and processing.

  • SOR/88-86, s. 8

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