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Competition Act

Version of section 104 from 2022-06-23 to 2024-06-19:

Marginal note:Interim order

  •  (1) If an application has been made for an order under this Part, other than an interim order under section 100 or 103.3, the Tribunal, on application by the Commissioner or a person who has made an application under section 75, 76, 77 or 79, may issue any interim order that it considers appropriate, having regard to the principles ordinarily considered by superior courts when granting interlocutory or injunctive relief.

  • Marginal note:Terms of interim order

    (2) An interim order issued under subsection (1) shall be on such terms, and shall have effect for such period of time, as the Tribunal considers necessary and sufficient to meet the circumstances of the case.

  • Marginal note:Duty of Commissioner

    (3) Where an interim order issued under subsection (1) on application by the Commissioner is in effect, the Commissioner shall proceed as expeditiously as possible to complete proceedings under this Part arising out of the conduct in respect of which the order was issued.

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