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Technical Tax Amendments Act, 2012 (S.C. 2013, c. 34)

Assented to 2013-06-26

SCHEDULE(Section 366)


  • 2419726 Canada Inc.
  • Ally Credit Canada Limited/Ally Crédit Canada Limitée
  • AmeriCredit Financial Services of Canada Ltd.
  • AVCO Financial Services Quebec Limited
  • Bombardier Capital Ltd.
  • Canaccord Capital Credit Corporation/Corporation de crédit Canaccord capital
  • Canaccord Financial Holdings Inc./Corporation financière Canaccord Inc.
  • Canadian Cooperative Agricultural Financial Services
  • Canadian Home Income Plan Corporation
  • Citibank Canada Investment Funds Limited
  • Citicapital Commercial Corporation/Citicapital Corporation Commerciale
  • Citi Cards Canada Inc./Cartes Citi Canada Inc.
  • Citi Commerce Solutions of Canada Ltd.
  • CitiFinancial Canada East Corporation/CitiFinancière, corporation du Canada Est
  • CitiFinancial Canada, Inc./CitiFinancière Canada, Inc.
  • CitiFinancial Mortgage Corporation/CitiFinancière, corporation de prêts hypothécaires
  • CitiFinancial Mortgage East Corporation/CitiFinancière, corporation de prêts hypothécaires de l’Est
  • Citigroup Finance Canada Inc.
  • Crédit Industriel Desjardins
  • CU Credit Inc.
  • Ford Credit Canada Limited
  • GE Card Services Canada Inc./GE Services de Cartes du Canada Inc.
  • GMAC Residential Funding of Canada, Limited
  • Household Commercial Canada Inc.
  • Household Finance Corporation Limited
  • Household Finance Corporation of Canada
  • Household Realty Corporation Limited
  • Hudson’s Bay Company Acceptance Limited
  • John Deere Credit Inc./Crédit John Deere Inc.
  • Merchant Retail Services Limited
  • PACCAR Financial Ltd./Compagnie Financière Paccar Ltée
  • Paradigm Fund Inc./Le Fonds Paradigm Inc.
  • Prêts étudiants Atlantique Inc./Atlantic Student Loans Inc.
  • Principal Fund Incorporated
  • RT Mortgage-Backed Securities Limited
  • RT Mortgage-Backed Securities II Limited
  • State Farm Finance Corporation of Canada/Corporation de Crédit State Farm du Canada
  • Trans Canada Credit Corporation
  • Trans Canada Retail Services Company/Société de services de détails trans Canada
  • Wells Fargo Financial Canada Corporation
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