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Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Version of the schedule from 2006-03-22 to 2021-06-03:

SCHEDULE(Paragraph 10.26(1)(a))

Devices To Be Reported to the Bureau of Radiation and Medical Devices

1Dental X-ray Equipment
2Baggage Inspection X-ray Equipment
3Demonstration-Type Gas Discharge Device
4Photofluorographic X-ray Equipment
5Electron Microscopes
6Diagnostic X-ray Equipment
7X-ray Diffraction Equipment
8Cabinet X-ray Equipment
9Therapeutic X-ray Equipment
10Industrial X-ray Radiography and Fluoroscopy Equipment
11Analytical X-ray Equipment
12X-ray Spectrometer
13X-ray Equipment Used for Irradiation of Materials
14Electron Welding Equipment
15Electron Processor
17X-ray Gauge
18Laser Scanner
19Demonstration Laser
21Industrial Radiofrequency Heater and Sealer
23Ultraviolet Polymerizer
24Magnetic Resonance Imaging Devices
25Induction Heater
27Telecommunication Transmitter above 5 W
28Nebulizer Ultrasound Equipment
29Non-portable Ultrasonic Cleaner
30Ultrasonic Machining Tool
31Ultrasonic Welding Equipment
32Airborne Ultrasound Pest Repeller
33Short-wave Diathermy
34Microwave Diathermy
  • SOR/96-294, s. 2

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