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Class I Nuclear Facilities Regulations

Version of section 3 from 2006-03-22 to 2017-09-21:

 An application for a licence in respect of a Class I nuclear facility, other than a licence to abandon, shall contain the following information in addition to the information required by section 3 of the General Nuclear Safety and Control Regulations:

  • (a) a description of the site of the activity to be licensed, including the location of any exclusion zone and any structures within that zone;

  • (b) plans showing the location, perimeter, areas, structures and systems of the nuclear facility;

  • (c) evidence that the applicant is the owner of the site or has authority from the owner of the site to carry on the activity to be licensed;

  • (d) the proposed quality assurance program for the activity to be licensed;

  • (e) the name, form, characteristics and quantity of any hazardous substances that may be on the site while the activity to be licensed is carried on;

  • (f) the proposed worker health and safety policies and procedures;

  • (g) the proposed environmental protection policies and procedures;

  • (h) the proposed effluent and environmental monitoring programs;

  • (i) if the application is in respect of a nuclear facility referred to in paragraph 2(b) of the Nuclear Security Regulations, the information required by section 3 of those Regulations;

  • (j) the proposed program to inform persons living in the vicinity of the site of the general nature and characteristics of the anticipated effects on the environment and the health and safety of persons that may result from the activity to be licensed; and

  • (k) the proposed plan for the decommissioning of the nuclear facility or of the site.

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