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General Nuclear Safety and Control Regulations

Version of section 17 from 2006-03-22 to 2007-09-17:

 Every worker shall

  • (a) use equipment, devices, facilities and clothing for protecting the environment or the health and safety of persons, or for determining doses of radiation, dose rates or concentrations of radioactive nuclear substances, in a responsible and reasonable manner and in accordance with the Act, the regulations made under the Act and the licence;

  • (b) comply with the measures established by the licensee to protect the environment and the health and safety of persons, maintain security, control the levels and doses of radiation, and control releases of radioactive nuclear substances and hazardous substances into the environment;

  • (c) promptly inform the licensee or the worker’s supervisor of any situation in which the worker believes there may be

    • (i) a significant increase in the risk to the environment or the health and safety of persons,

    • (ii) a threat to the maintenance of security or an incident with respect to security,

    • (iii) a failure to comply with the Act, the regulations made under the Act or the licence,

    • (iv) an act of sabotage, theft, loss or illegal use or possession of a nuclear substance, prescribed equipment or prescribed information, or

    • (v) a release into the environment of a quantity of a radioactive nuclear substance or hazardous substance that has not been authorized by the licensee;

  • (d) observe and obey all notices and warning signs posted by the licensee in accordance with the Radiation Protection Regulations; and

  • (e) take all reasonable precautions to ensure the worker’s own safety, the safety of the other persons at the site of the licensed activity, the protection of the environment, the protection of the public and the maintenance of security.

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