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Food and Drug Regulations

Version of section D.01.007 from 2006-03-22 to 2012-08-03:

  •  (1) If a component of an ingredient of a prepackaged product set out in the table to subsection B.01.009(1) is a vitamin, no person shall, on the label of or in any advertisement for the prepackaged product, make a statement or claim concerning the vitamin as a component of that ingredient unless

    • (a) despite subsection B.01.008(6), the vitamin is declared by its common name immediately following the declaration of the ingredient in such a manner as to indicate that it is a component of that ingredient; and

    • (b) all components of the ingredient are declared.

  • (2) Paragraph (1)(b) does not apply to flour used as an ingredient in the manufacture of a prepackaged product referred to in subsection (1).

  • SOR/84-300, s. 59(E)
  • SOR/88-559, s. 32
  • SOR/2003-11, s. 30

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