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Food and Drug Regulations

Version of section B.25.062 from 2021-04-14 to 2022-09-26:

  •  (1) Subject to subsection (2), it is prohibited to sell an infant food if the food contains a food additive.

  • (2) Subsection (1) does not apply to

    • (a) bakery products that are labelled or advertised for consumption by infants;

    • (b) the following foods that are labelled or advertised for consumption by infants and that contain ascorbic acid:

      • (i) fruit purées, and

      • (ii) cereals containing banana;

    • (c) infant cereal products that contain lecithin;

    • (d) foods that are labelled or advertised for consumption by infants and that contain citric acid;

    • (e) infant formula that contains the food additives set out in Tables IV and X to section B.16.100 for use in infant formula;

    • (f) infant formula that contains ingredients manufactured with food additives set out in Table V to section B.16.100;

    • (g) infant formula that contains concentrated or dried whey products manufactured with liquid whey to which sodium hexametaphosphate has been added;

    • (h) infant cereal products that contain amylase in accordance with Table V to section B.16.100;

    • (i) infant formula that contains ascorbyl palmitate or tocopherols; or

    • (j) infant formula that contains oils to which ascorbyl palmitate or tocopherols have been added.

    • SOR/83-933, s. 1
    • SOR/90-24, s. 4
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    • SOR/2021-57, s. 16


    Sodium Content in Infant Foods

    Column IColumn II
    FoodTotal Sodium in Grams per 100 Grams of Food
    1Junior Desserts blank line0.10
    2Junior Meat, Junior Meat Dinners, Junior Dinners, Junior Breakfasts blank line0.25
    3Junior Vegetables, Junior Soups blank line0.20
    4Strained Desserts blank line0.05
    5Strained Meats, Strained Meat Dinners, Strained Dinners, Strained Breakfasts blank line0.15
    6Strained Vegetables, Strained Soups blank line0.10
    • SOR/78-637, s. 10
    • SOR/83-933, s. 1


    Item No.Column IColumn IIColumn III
    Vitamin or Mineral nutrientMinimum amount per 100 available kilocaloriesMaximum amount per 100 available kilocalories
    B.1Biotin2 mcg
    F.1Folic acid4 mcg
    N.1Niacin250 mcg
    P.1d-pantothenic acid300 mcg
    R.1Riboflavin60 mcg
    T.1Thiamine40 mcg
    T.2Alpha-tocopherol0.6 I.U.
    V.1Vitamin A250 I.U.500 I.U.
    V.2Vitamin B635 mcg
    V.3Vitamin B120.15 mcg
    V.4Vitamin C8 mg
    V.5Vitamin D40 I.U.80 I.U.
    V.6Vitamin K18 mcg
    C.1Calcium50 mg
    C.2Chloride55 mg150 mg
    C.3Copper60 mcg
    L.1Iodine5 mcg
    L.2Iron0.15 mg
    M.1Magnesium6 mg
    M.2Manganese5 mcg
    P.2Phosphorous25 mg
    P.3Potassium80 mg200 mg
    S.1Sodium20 mg60 mg
    Z.1Zinc0.5 mg
    • SOR/83-933, s. 1
    • SOR/98-458, s. 7(F)

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