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Food and Drug Regulations

Version of section B.25.001 from 2006-03-22 to 2021-04-13:

 In this Division,

expiration date

expiration date means, in respect of a human milk substitute, the date

  • (a) after which the manufacturer does not recommend that it be consumed, and

  • (b) up to which it maintains its microbiological and physical stability and the nutrient content declared on the label; (date limite d’utilisation)

human milk substitute

human milk substitute means any food that is represented

  • (a) for use as a partial or total replacement for human milk and intended for consumption by infants, or

  • (b) for use as an ingredient in a food referred to in paragraph (a); (succédané de lait humain)


infant means a person who is under the age of one year; (bébé)

infant food

infant food means a food that is represented for consumption by infants; (aliment pour bébés)

junior (naming a food)

junior (naming a food) means the named food where it contains particles of a size to encourage chewing by infants, but may be readily swallowed by infants without chewing; ((nom d’un aliment) pour enfants en bas âge)

major change

major change means, in respect of a human milk substitute, any change of an ingredient, the amount of an ingredient or the processing or packaging of the human milk substitute where the manufacturer’s experience or generally accepted theory would predict an adverse effect on the levels or availability of nutrients in, or the microbiological or chemical safety of, the human milk substitute; (changement majeur)

new human milk substitute

new human milk substitute means a human milk substitute that is

  • (a) manufactured for the first time,

  • (b) sold in Canada for the first time, or

  • (c) manufactured by a person who manufactures it for the first time; (succédané de lait humain nouveau)

strained (naming a food)

strained (naming a food) means the named food where it is of a generally uniform particle size that does not require and does not encourage chewing by infants before being swallowed. ((nom d’un aliment) en purée ou tamisé)

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