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Food and Drug Regulations

Version of section B.21.021 from 2017-02-13 to 2018-04-03:

 [S]. Preserved fish or preserved meat shall be cooked or uncooked fish or meat that is dried, salted, pickled, cured or smoked and may contain a Class I preservative, a Class II preservative, dextrose, glucose, spices, sugar and vinegar, and

  • (a) dried fish that has been smoked or salted, and cold-processed smoked and salted fish paste may contain sorbic acid or its salts;

  • (b) smoked fish may contain food colour;

  • (c) packaged fish and meat products that are marinated or otherwise cold-processed may contain saunderswood (sandalwood), benzoic acid or its salts, methyl-p-hydroxy benzoate and propyl-p-hydroxy benzoate;

  • (d) salted anchovy, salted scad and salted shrimp may contain erythrosine in such amount as will result in the finished product containing not more than 125 parts per million of erythrosine; and

  • (e) minced products may contain tragacanth gum at a level of use not exceeding 0.75 per cent.

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