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Food and Drug Regulations

Version of section B.15.003 from 2010-02-23 to 2012-02-08:

 A food named in Column IV of an item of Table III to this Division is exempt from paragraph 4(d) of the Act if the drug named in Column I, and analysed as being the substance named in Column II, of that item is present in the food in an amount not exceeding the limit, expressed in parts per million, set out in Column III of that item for that food.

SOR/78-404, s. 1; SOR/79-249, s. 1; SOR/91-255, s. 1.


Item No.SubstanceTolerance p.p.m.Foods
1Arsenic(1) 3.5(1) Fish protein
(2) 1(2) Edible bone meal
(3) 0.1(3) Fruit juice, fruit nectar, beverages when ready-to-serve and water in sealed containers other than mineral water or spring water
2Fluoride(1) 650(1) Edible bone meal
(2) 150(2) Fish Protein
3Lead(1) 10(1) Edible bone meal
(2) 1.5(2) Tomato paste and tomato sauce
(3) 0.5(3) Fish protein and whole tomatoes
(4) 0.2(4) Fruit juice, fruit nectar, beverages when ready-to-serve and water in sealed containers other than mineral water or spring water
(5) 0.15(5) Evaporated milk, condensed milk and concentrated infant formula
(6) 0.08(6) Infant formula when ready-to-serve
4Tin(1) 250(1) Canned foods
    SOR/78-404, s. 2; SOR/79-249, s. 2; SOR/86-258, s. 1; SOR/89-243, ss. 1, 2; SOR/91-149, s. 2(E); SOR/94-689, s. 2(F).

TABLE II[Repealed, SOR/2008-182, s. 3]



Column IColumn IIColumn IIIColumn IV
Item No.Common Name (or Brand Name) of DrugName of Substance for Drug Analysis PurposesMaximum Residue Limit p.p.m.Foods
A.01albendazolealbendazole-2-aminosulfone0.2Liver of cattle
A.1ampicillinampicillin0.01Edible tissue of swine and cattle; milk
A.2amproliumamprolium0.5Muscle of chickens and turkeys
1.0Liver and kidney of chickens and turkeys
A.3apramycinapramycin0.1Kidney of swine
A.4arsanilic acidarsenic0.5Muscle of swine, chickens and turkeys; eggs
2.0Liver of swine, chickens and turkeys
B.1buquinolatebuquinolate0.1Muscle of chickens
0.4Liver, kidney, skin and fat of chickens
C.01ceftiofurdesfuroyl-ceftiofur (DFC)0.1Milk
1.0Muscle of cattle, sheep and swine
2.0Liver and fat of cattle, sheep and swine
5.0Kidney of swine
6.0Kidney of cattle and sheep
0.1Edible tissue of cattle
C.2chlortetracyclinechlortetracycline0.1Kidney, liver and muscle of cattle; muscle of sheep
0.2Fat of swine
0.5Liver of sheep
1.0Muscle, liver, skin and fat of chickens and turkeys; muscle of swine; muscle and fat of calves; kidney of sheep
2.0Liver of swine
4.0Kidney of swine, chickens and turkeys; liver and kidney of calves
C.3clopidolclopidol5.0Muscle of chickens and turkeys
15.0Liver and kidney of chickens and turkeys
D.1decoquinatedecoquinate1.0Muscle of cattle, goats and chickens
2.0Kidney, liver and fat of cattle and goats; kidney, liver, skin and fat of chickens
D.1.1diclazurildiclazuril0.5Muscle of chickens and turkeys
1.0Skin and fat of chickens and turkeys
3.0Liver of chickens and turkeys
D.3dinitolmide (zoalene)dinitolmide, including the metabolite 3-amino-5-nitro-o-toluamide2.0Fat of chickens
3.0Muscle of chickens and turkeys; liver and fat of turkeys
6.0Liver and kidney of chickens
D.4doramectindoramectin0.01Muscle of swine
0.03Muscle of cattle
0.035Liver of swine
0.07Liver of cattle
E.01enrofloxacindesethylene ciprofloxacin0.02Muscle of cattle
0.07Liver of cattle
E.02eprinomectineprinomectin B1a0.02Milk
0.1Muscle of cattle
1.0Liver of cattle
0.1Edible tissue of swine
0.125Edible tissue of chickens and turkeys
F.1fenbendazolefenbendazole0.45Liver of cattle
4.5Liver of swine
F.2florfenicolflorfenicol amine0.8Muscle of salmonids
2Liver of cattle
F.3flunixinflunixin free acid0.02Muscle of cattle
0.08Liver of cattle
G.1gentamicingentamicin0.1Edible tissue of turkeys
0.4Kidney of swine
H.01halofuginonehalofuginone0.1Liver of chicken
I.1ivermectin22,23-dihydro-avermectin B1a0.015Liver of swine
0.03Liver of sheep
0.07Liver of cattle
0.1Muscle of swine
0.25Muscle of cattle
0.5Kidney of swine
0.8Kidney of cattle
L.01lasalocidlasalocid0.35Fat and skin of chicken
0.65Liver of cattle
L.1levamisole hydrochloridelevamisole0.1Edible tissue of cattle, sheep and swine
(calculated as levamisol hydro-chloride)
L.2lincomycinlincomycin0.1Muscle of chickens and swine
0.5Liver of chickens and swine
M.01maduramicinmaduramicin0.4Fat and skin of chicken
0.05Edible tissue of cattle, chickens and turkeys
M.2morantel tartrateN-methyl-1,3-propane diamine0.1Milk
0.5Liver of cattle
M.3moxidectinmoxidectin0.55Fat of cattle
N.01narasinnarasin0.05Muscle of chickens and swine; liver of swine
0.5Fat of chickens
N.1neomycinneomycin0.25Edible tissue of calves
N.2nicarbazinN,N1-bis(4-nitrophenyl)urea4.0Muscle, liver, kidney and skin of chickens
N.3nitarsonearsenic0.5Muscle of turkeys
2.0Liver of turkeys
N.4novobiocinnovobiocin1.0Edible tissue of cattle, chickens and turkeys
O.1oxytetracyclineoxytetracycline0.2Muscle of cattle, chickens, lobster, salmonids, sheep, swine and turkeys
0.6Liver of cattle, chickens, sheep, swine and turkeys
1.2Kidneys of cattle, chickens, sheep, swine and turkeys; fat of cattle and sheep; skin and fat of chicken, swine, and turkeys
P.1penicillin Gpenicillin G0.01 I.U./mlMilk
0.01Edible tissue of turkeys
0.05Edible tissue of cattle and swine
P.1.1pirlimycinpirlimycin0.3Muscle of cattle
0.5Liver of cattle
P.2polymyxin Bpolymyxin B4.0 u/mlMilk
P.3pyrantel tartrateN-methyl-1,3-propane-diamine1.0Muscle of swine
(calculated as pyrantel tartrate)
10.0Liver and kidney of swine
(calculated as pyrantel tartrate)
R.1robenidine hydro-chloriderobenidine0.1Muscle, liver and kidney of chickens
(calculated as robenidine hydro-chloride)
0.2Skin and fat of chickens
(calculated as robenidine hydro-chloride)
R.2roxarsonearsenic0.5Muscle of swine, chickens and turkeys; eggs
2.0Liver of swine, chickens and turkeys
S.01salinomycinsalinomycin0.35Fat and skin of chicken; Liver of cattle and swine
S.1spectinomycinspectinomycin0.1Edible tissue of chickens
S.3sulfachlorpyridazinesulfachlorpyridazine0.1Edible tissue of cattle and swine
S.3.1sulfadiazinesulfadiazine0.1Muscle of salmonids
0.1Edible tissue of cattle
S.5sulfaethoxypyridazinesulfaethoxypyridazine0.1Edible tissue of cattle
0.1Edible tissue of calves, cattle, chickens, swine and turkeys
S.7sulfathiazolesulfathiazole0.1Edible tissue of swine
T.01teflubenzuronteflubenzuron0.3Muscle of salmonids
3.2Skin of salmonids
T.1tetracyclinetetracycline0.25Edible tissue of calves, swine, sheep, chickens and turkeys
T.2thiabendazolethiabendazole and total 5-hydroxythiabendazole metabolites (free form, glucuronide and sulfate conjugates)0.05Milk
0.1Edible tissue of cattle, goats and sheep
T.3tiamulin8-alpha-hydroxy-mutilin0.4Liver of swine
T.3.1tilmicosintilmicosin1.6Liver of cattle
T.3.2trimethoprimtrimethoprim0.1Muscle of salmonids
T.4tylosintylosin0.2Muscle, liver, kidney and fat of cattle, swine, chickens and turkeys
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