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Health of Animals Regulations

Version of section 3 from 2006-03-22 to 2019-04-14:

  •  (1) Where an animal

    • (a) is affected or suspected of being affected with a communicable disease,

    • (b) has been in contact with an animal so affected or suspected of being so affected,

    • (c) is in an eradication area, or

    • (d) is imported or tendered for import into Canada,

    an inspector may order the person having the possession, care or custody of the animal to keep separate the animal in a place and manner suitable for inspection and testing within the period of time specified by the inspector.

  • (2) Every person who receives an order referred to in subsection (1) shall comply with the order.

  • SOR/78-69, s. 2(F)
  • SOR/79-839, s. 3

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