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Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations

Version of section 1 from 2007-06-07 to 2013-12-05:

 The definitions in this section apply in these Regulations.

accredited course

accredited course means a series of lessons in respect of boating safety that has been accredited by the Department of Transport under section 6. (cours agréé)

accredited test

accredited test means a test referred to in paragraph 7(4)(c). (examen agréé)

Boating Safety Course Completion Card

Boating Safety Course Completion Card means a card issued, by a person who provided a boating safety course in Canada, to a person who successfully completed the course before April 1, 1999. (carte de réussite d’un cours de sécurité nautique)


candidate means a person presenting themselves at a test site to take the test or a person taking the test for a Pleasure Craft Operator Card. (candidat)

CCG-accredited course

CCG-accredited course[Repealed, SOR/2007-124, s. 1]

CCG-accredited test

CCG-accredited test[Repealed, SOR/2007-124, s. 1]

course provider

course provider means a person who has obtained the accreditation of a boating safety course in accordance with section 6. (prestataire de cours)

enforcement officer

enforcement officer means

  • (a) a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police;

  • (b) a member of any harbour or river police force;

  • (c) a member of any provincial, county or municipal police force; and

  • (d) any person designated as an enforcement officer for the purposes of these Regulations by the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. (agent d’exécution)


operate means the action of controlling the speed and course of a pleasure craft. (conduire)

Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Pleasure Craft Operator Card means a card issued by a course provider that attests that the cardholder has received a mark of at least 75 per cent on a test. (carte de conducteur d’embarcation de plaisance)

proof of age

proof of age means a Pleasure Craft Operator Card, birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport, driver’s licence or other official document that sets out the person’s date of birth. (preuve d’âge)

proof of competency

proof of competency means a Pleasure Craft Operator Card, a Boating Safety Course Completion Card, a rental boat safety checklist, proof of the successful completion of a boating safety course, or a certificate or other document pertaining to boating safety knowledge, as required under section 4. (preuve de compétence)

proof of residency

proof of residency means a passport, driver’s licence or other official government document that sets out a person’s place of residence. (preuve de résidence)


test means a boating safety test that meets the requirements of section 7 taken for the purpose of obtaining a Pleasure Craft Operator Card. (examen)

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  • SOR/2007-124, s. 1, err., Vol. 141, No. 15

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