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General Import Permit No. 81 — Specialty Steel Products



Registration 1996-12-23

General Import Permit No. 81 — Specialty Steel Products

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, pursuant to subsection 8(1.1)Footnote a and section 10Footnote b of the Export and Import Permits Act, hereby issues the annexed General Import Permit No. 81 — Specialty Steel Products.

Ottawa, December 17, 1996

Minister of Foreign Affairs


 Any resident of Canada may, under the authority of this Permit, import into Canada any goods described in item 81 of the Import Control List where

  • (a) the total value for duty of the goods, as determined under the Customs Act, is not more than $5,000;

  • (b) subject to section 2, the goods are imported by any of the following companies under the 1965 Canada-U.S. Automotive Products Trade Agreement (The Auto Pact), namely, General Motors of Canada Ltd., Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd., Chrysler Canada Ltd., Volvo Canada Ltd., Navistar International Corp. Canada, Mack Canada Inc., Western Star Trucks Inc. and Paccar of Canada Ltd; or

  • (c) the goods are classified under tariff item No. 9813.00.00 or 9814.00.00 in the List of Tariff Provisions set out in the schedule to the Customs Tariff.

  • SOR/98-77, s. 1

 It is a condition of this Permit that every person who imports goods under paragraph 1(b) shall, within the 15 days after the end of each month, report to the Director General of the Export and Import Controls Bureau of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, under the appropriate classification as set out in the Canadian International Trade Classification, all such goods imported during that month.

 Where any goods imported under the authority of this Permit are required to be reported in the prescribed form under the Customs Act, that form shall contain the statement “Imported under the authority of General Import Permit No. 81 — Specialty Steel Products” or “Importé en vertu de la Licence générale d’importation no 81 — Produits en acier spécialisé”.


 The Import of Specialty Steel Products PermitFootnote 1 is cancelled.

Coming into Force

 This Permit comes into force on December 23, 1996.

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