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Broadcasting Distribution Regulations

Version of section 54 from 2006-03-22 to 2011-08-31:

  •  (1) If a licensee intends to increase its basic monthly fee under subsection 52(2) or 53(1), it shall not implement the increase unless

    • (a) it sends to each of its subscribers in the licensed area a written notice in the form set out in Schedule 3;

    • (b) it sends to the Commission

      • (i) a copy of the notice referred to in paragraph (a),

      • (ii) a declaration that the notice has been or will be sent at least 60 days before the proposed effective date of the increase,

      • (iii) a list of the specialty services for which the increase is sought and the amount of the increase in relation to each specialty service, and

      • (iv) information to justify the distribution of the specialty services referred to in subparagraph (iii) as part of the basic service; and

    • (c) 60 days have elapsed since receipt by the Commission of the documents and information referred to in paragraph (b).

  • (2) The Commission may, before the date on which an increase in the basic monthly fee referred to in subsection 52(2) or 53(1) is to take effect,

    • (a) suspend the implementation of all or part of the increase pending further consideration of the increase and

      • (i) the receipt of additional information,

      • (ii) the completion of a public hearing into the matter, or

      • (iii) both the receipt of additional information and the completion of a public hearing into the matter; and

    • (b) disallow the implementation of all or part of the increase, either without suspension under paragraph (a) or after such a suspension, if the Commission determines that the increase is not justified having regard to the broadcasting policy for Canada set out in subsection 3(1) of the Act.

  • SOR/99-302, s. 1
  • SOR/2003-217, s. 30
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