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Broadcasting Distribution Regulations

Version of section 48 from 2006-03-22 to 2011-08-31:

 Except as otherwise provided under a condition of its licence, each Class 1 licensee shall

  • (a) install the distribution system necessary for the provision of its basic service at a household or premises within a reasonable time after a request for the service is received from a member of the household or an owner or operator of the premises, if the household or premises are

    • (i) situated in a residential area within the licensed area, and

    • (ii) provided with water or sewer services by a municipal or other public authority;

  • (b) at the request of a member of a household or an owner or operator of premises referred to in paragraph (a), install the subscriber drop and provide the basic service to that household or those premises, unless the member, owner or operator has not complied with the licensee’s request for payment of

    • (i) an amount not greater than the amount of the non-recurring costs to be reasonably incurred by the licensee for the installation or reconnection of the subscriber drop, determined in accordance with Circular No. 354 to All Class 1 & 2 Cable Licensees, published by the Commission on November 29, 1988,

    • (ii) the licensee’s fee for the provision of the basic service for one month to that household or those premises, or

    • (iii) an overdue debt for the provision of basic service that the member, owner or operator owes to the licensee; and

  • (c) provide the basic service to a subscriber as long as the subscriber pays in advance the fee for each month of the basic service.

  • SOR/2004-71, s. 1

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