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Canada Communication Group Divestiture Regulations

Version of section 1 from 2006-03-22 to 2016-06-22:

 The definitions in this section apply in these Regulations.


Act means the Public Service Superannuation Act. (Loi)

new employer

new employer means Canada Communication Group Inc., the wholly-owned subsidiary of St. Joseph Corporation that will carry on the business of the Canada Communication Group in accordance with the sales agreement. (nouvel employeur)

sales agreement

sales agreement means the agreement of purchase and sale relating to the transfer of the Canada Communication Group, a part of the Department of Public Works and Government Services, made between Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada represented by the Minister of Public Works and Government Services and St. Joseph Corporation on December 13, 1996. (convention de vente)

St. Joseph Corporation

St. Joseph Corporation means the corporation established under the laws of Ontario that is referred to as the purchaser in the sales agreement. (St. Joseph Corporation)

transfer date

transfer date means the date on which a person who is an employee within the meaning of the sales agreement, having accepted an offer of employment from St. Joseph Corporation, ceases to be employed in the Public Service. (date de cession)

  • SOR/97-556, s. 1

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