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Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposit Insurance Information By-law

Version of section 6 from 2006-12-11 to 2018-09-29:

 The Corporation shall supply to each member institution a copy of a brochure that includes the following:

  • (a) general information about the Corporation;

  • (b) contact information for the Corporation;

  • (c) the Corporation’s logo or other identifiers;

  • (d) information as to what constitutes a deposit that is insured by the Corporation;

  • (e) information as to what constitutes a deposit that is not insured by the Corporation;

  • (f) the maximum amount of deposit insurance coverage provided by the Corporation; and

  • (g) information as to what a depositor needs to know when the Corporation is obliged to make an insurance payment.

  • SOR/2006-334, s. 6

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