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Canadian Aviation Regulations

Version of section 903.02 from 2021-07-07 to 2022-12-06:

 A person who proposes to operate a remotely piloted aircraft system for any operation set out in section 903.01 shall apply to the Minister for a special flight operations certificate — RPAS with regard to that operation by submitting the following information to the Minister at least 30 working days before the date of the proposed operation:

  • (a) the legal name, trade name, address and contact information of the applicant;

  • (b) the means by which the person responsible for the operation or the pilot may be contacted directly during operations;

  • (c) the operation for which the application is made;

  • (d) the purpose of the operation;

  • (e) the dates, alternate dates and times of the operation;

  • (f) the manufacturer and model of the system, including three-view drawings or photographs of the aircraft and a complete description of the aircraft, including performance, operating limitations and equipment;

  • (g) a description of the safety plan for the proposed area of operation;

  • (h) a description of the emergency contingency plan for the operation;

  • (i) a detailed plan describing how the operation is to be carried out;

  • (j) the names, certificates, licences, permits and qualifications of the crew members, including the pilots and visual observers, and the remotely piloted aircraft system maintenance personnel;

  • (k) the instructions regarding the maintenance of the system and a description of how that maintenance will be performed;

  • (l) a description of weather minima for the operation;

  • (m) a description of separation and collision avoidance capability and procedures;

  • (n) a description of normal and emergency procedures for the operation;

  • (o) a description of air traffic control services coordination, if applicable; and

  • (p) any other information requested by the Minister pertinent to the safe conduct of the operation.

  • SOR/2019-11, s. 23
  • SOR/2021-152, s. 17(F)

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