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Canadian Aviation Regulations

Version of section 604.127 from 2014-05-29 to 2019-05-14:

 A private operator shall have, in respect of its aircraft, a maintenance control system that includes

  • (a) in the case of a private operator who provides the parts and materials that will be used in the performance of maintenance or elementary work, procedures to ensure that only parts and materials that meet the requirements of Subpart 71 of Part V are used, including

    • (i) the details of part pooling arrangements, if any, that have been entered into by the private operator, and

    • (ii) procedures used for the inspection and storage of incoming parts and materials;

  • (b) if the private operator authorizes, for the performance of elementary work, the use of methods, techniques, practices, parts, materials, tools, equipment or test apparatuses referred to in paragraph 571.02(1)(b) or (c), the source of those methods, techniques, practices, parts, materials, tools, equipment or test apparatuses and a general description of the elementary work;

  • (c) procedures to ensure that the persons who perform maintenance, elementary work or servicing are authorized to do so under section 604.128;

  • (d) procedures to ensure that an aircraft is not returned to service unless it is

    • (i) airworthy, and

    • (ii) equipped, configured and maintained for its intended use;

  • (e) a description of the defect reporting and control procedures required by section 604.129;

  • (f) the aircraft service information review procedures required by section 604.131;

  • (g) procedures to ensure that the records referred to in section 604.132 are established and retained in accordance with that section;

  • (h) procedures to ensure that the tasks required by a maintenance schedule or by an airworthiness directive are completed within the time limits set out in Subpart 5 of Part VI;

  • (i) procedures to ensure that the particulars relating to aircraft empty weight and empty centre of gravity are entered in accordance with the requirements of Item 2 of Schedule I to Subpart 5 of Part VI;

  • (j) a general description of the maintenance schedule required under paragraph 605.86(1)(a) and, in the case of a turbine-powered pressurized aeroplane or a large aeroplane, the approval number of the maintenance schedule approved under subsection 605.86(2); and

  • (k) details of the methods used to record the maintenance, elementary work or servicing performed and to ensure that any defects are recorded in the technical records that are required to be kept under subsection 605.92(1).

  • SOR/2014-131, s. 18

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