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Transportation Information Regulations

Version of section 15.1 from 2013-11-20 to 2015-03-31:

  •  (1) A marine operator must provide to the Minister information about

    • (a) the nature and type of its operations, including

      • (i) the mass and a description of the cargo transported,

      • (ii) in the case of the transportation of dangerous goods, the UN number assigned to the goods by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods,

      • (iii) the number of passengers, passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles transported,

      • (iv) the port of origin and of destination of each voyage, as well as the name of the vessel engaged on the voyage,

      • (v) the distance travelled on each voyage, and

      • (vi) the amount, type and cost of fuel and of lubricating oil purchased in Canada or abroad;

    • (b) each vessel in its fleet that is a Canadian vessel, as defined in section 2 of the Canada Shipping Act, 2001, including

      • (i) its name,

      • (ii) its country of registration,

      • (iii) its gross and net tonnage and its dimensions,

      • (iv) its type,

      • (v) the characteristics of its main and auxiliary engines, including, with respect to each engine, its type, model number and size, the size of its cylinders, its number of strokes, its specific fuel consumption, and its load, as a percentage of the maximum continuous rating, for each mode of operation,

      • (vi) the year in which its construction was completed and, if applicable, the year in which its rebuilding was completed,

      • (vii) the types of technologies, if any, used for the purpose of enhancing its fuel efficiency or reducing its fuel consumption,

      • (viii) information as to whether its hull is a single- or double-hull and, if applicable, the vessel’s ice class and the name of the classification society that assigned the ice class,

      • (ix) if applicable, its classification and the name of the classification society that assigned it,

      • (x) if applicable, its environmental notation and the name of the classification society that assigned it,

      • (xi) its routes and services,

      • (xii) its activities, expressed as tonne-kilometres, vessel-kilometres and passenger-kilometres performed,

      • (xiii) the number of hours that it was operated in the year, and

      • (xiv) its fuel consumption, by quality and type of fuel;

    • (c) its finances, including

      • (i) a detailed revenues and expenses report, including a breakdown of revenues by the type of operation the vessels in its fleet were engaged in, the type of service offered by the marine operator and the region in which the service was offered,

      • (ii) a detailed balance sheet report,

      • (iii) details of its capital assets, and

      • (iv) the employment level and the total payroll; and

    • (d) its ownership.

  • (2) A marine operator referred to in column I of Schedule III must provide to the Minister the details relating to the information required by subsection (1) that are provided for in the form referred to in column II for the reporting period set out in column III before the end of the day set out in column IV.

  • SOR/2013-196, s. 11

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