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Pacific Fishery Regulations, 1993

Version of section 2 from 2017-04-13 to 2022-09-26:

  •  (1) In these Regulations,


    Act means the Fisheries Act; (Loi)


    Area has the same meaning as in section 1 of the Pacific Fishery Management Area Regulations, 2007; (secteur)

    bait herring

    bait herring means herring taken for use as bait; (hareng-appât)


    band[Repealed, SOR/93-334, s. 1]

    barbless hook

    barbless hook[Repealed, SOR/99-296, s. 1]

    beam trawl net

    beam trawl net means a trawl net the mouth of which is held open by a beam or pole that is held horizontally across the mouth of the net while the net is under tow; (chalut à perche)

    bottom trawl

    bottom trawl means a trawl net that is towed along the bed of the water; (chalut de fond)

    corkline to web distance

    corkline to web distance means the shortest distance between the corkline of a gill net and the webbing of the gill net; (distance entre la ralingue et la nappe)


    Department means the Department of Fisheries and Oceans; (ministère)

    drag seine

    drag seine means a net, weighted at the bottom and floated at the top, that is used to enclose an area of water and is then drawn ashore; (senne traînante)

    fish landing station

    fish landing station means

    • (a) a building within the Province or a barge permanently affixed to the shore in the Province that is licensed to be used as a fish buying station or fish processing plant under the Fisheries Act of British Columbia, as amended from time to time, or

    • (b) a vessel in respect of which a licence has been issued under subsection 18(4); (poste de débarquement du poisson)


    fishwheel means a frame with a wheel to which are attached devices to scoop fish from the water; (filet rotatif)

    food herring

    food herring means herring taken for human consumption but does not include roe herring or herring spawn on kelp; (hareng de consommation)

    gill net

    gill net means a net that is used to catch fish by enmeshing them and that does not enclose an area of water; (filet maillant)

    herring enclosure

    herring enclosure means any type of enclosure used or intended to be used to confine live herring or herring spawn on kelp; (parc à harengs)

    hook and line

    hook and line includes longline and trolling gear; (hameçon et ligne)

    Indian food fishing

    Indian food fishing[Repealed, SOR/93-334, s. 1]

    Inside Salmon Troll Area

    Inside Salmon Troll Area[Repealed, SOR/96-330, s. 1]


    longline means a line that has a hook or hooks attached to it and that is anchored to the bed of the water; (palangre)

    mesh size

    mesh size means the total length of twine measured along two contiguous sides of a single mesh, including the distance across the knot joining those sides but not including any other knots; (maillage)

    midwater trawl

    midwater trawl means a trawl net other than a bottom trawl; (chalut pélagique)

    non-tidal waters

    non-tidal waters means the waters of the Province other than tidal waters; (eaux sans marée)

    otter trawl net

    otter trawl net means a trawl net the mouth of which is held open by boards of wood or metal or both, referred to as otter boards or doors, while the net is under tow; (chalut à panneaux)

    Outside Salmon Troll Area

    Outside Salmon Troll Area[Repealed, SOR/96-330, s. 1]


    owner, in respect of a vessel, means the person or band in whose name the vessel is registered; (propriétaire)


    Province means the Province of British Columbia; (province)

    Regional Director-General

    Regional Director-General means the Regional Director-General of the Department for the Pacific Region; (directeur général régional)


    registered means registered with the Department pursuant to section 19; (enregistré)

    ring net

    ring net means a bag-shaped net that is hung on a frame to which a line is attached; (bolinche)

    roe herring

    roe herring means

    • (a) herring found in or taken from the waters of Subareas 6-1, 6-2, 8-13, 8-14 and 8-15 during the period beginning on May 1 and ending on June 30, and

    • (b) herring found in or taken from any waters not referred to in paragraph (a) during the period beginning on February 10 and ending on April 30; (hareng prêt à frayer)


    salmon includes steelhead trout; (saumon)

    Salmon Area F

    Salmon Area F means the waters of Areas 1 to 11, 101 to 111, 130 and 142; (secteur F du saumon)

    Salmon Area G

    Salmon Area G means the waters of Subareas 12-5 to 12-16, Areas 20 to 27 and 121 to 127; (secteur G du saumon)

    Salmon Area H

    Salmon Area H means the waters of Areas 12 to 19, 28 and 29; (secteur H du saumon)


    seine includes a purse seine and a drag seine; (senne)


    shellfish means Mollusca, Echinodermata and Crustacea; (mollusquesetcrustacés)


    Subarea has the same meaning as in section 1 of the Pacific Fishery Management Area Regulations, 2007; (sous-secteur)


    surfline has the same meaning as in section 1 of the Pacific Fishery Management Area Regulations, 2007; (ligne de démarcation)

    tidal waters

    tidal waters means the waters of the Areas set out in Schedule 2 to the Pacific Fishery Management Area Regulations, 2007; (eaux à marée)


    trap means an enclosure that is designed to capture fish, but does not include a trap net, a trawl net or a purse seine; (casier)

    trap net

    trap net[Repealed, SOR/99-296, s. 1]

    trawl net

    trawl net means any bag-type net that is dragged in the water by a vessel for the purpose of catching fish; (chalut)


    trip[Repealed, SOR/95-181, s. 1; SOR/99-296, s. 1]


    trolling means fishing with a hook or hooks attached to a line that is towed through the water by or from a vessel. (pêche à la traîne)

    validation tab

    validation tab[Repealed, SOR/2013-37, s. 5]

  • (2) A reference in these Regulations to a species or group of species of fish by its common name as set out in column I of an item of Schedule I shall be construed as a reference to the species or group of species of fish whose scientific name is set out in column II of that item.

  • (3) All references in these Regulations to measurements of mesh size, depth, length or any other dimension of a net shall be construed as references to measurements taken when the net is wet.

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