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Letter Mail Regulations

Version of section 2 from 2010-01-11 to 2014-03-30:

 In these Regulations,


carbonizing[Repealed, SOR/91-625, s. 1]

delivery mode

delivery mode[Repealed, SOR/90-13, s. 1]

delivery mode scheme

delivery mode scheme[Repealed, SOR/90-13, s. 1]

domestic basic letter rate

domestic basic letter rate means the standard domestic letter rate available generally to the public for standard mail weighing up to 30 g; (tarif de base des lettres du régime intérieur)

first class mail

first class mail[Repealed, SOR/90-801, s. 3]

foldover construction self-mailer

foldover construction self-mailer[Repealed, SOR/91-625, s. 1]

forward sortation area

forward sortation area[Repealed, SOR/90-13, s. 1]

frequent posting

frequent posting[Repealed, SOR/90-13, s. 1]

identical items

identical items[Repealed, SOR/90-13, s. 1]

infrequent posting

infrequent posting[Repealed, SOR/90-13, s. 1]

letter mail

letter mail means

  • (a) a letter, card, postcard or similar communication,

  • (b) a receipt, invoice or similar article of a financial nature, and

  • (c) any other article the sender chooses to post at a rate for letter mail

that is posted in Canada for delivery in Canada and meets the requirements of these Regulations; (envoi poste-lettres)

local delivery unit

local delivery unit[Repealed, SOR/90-13, s. 1]

multi-web construction self-mailer

multi-web construction self-mailer[Repealed, SOR/91-625, s. 1]

optical character reader

optical character reader or OCR[Repealed, SOR/90-13, s. 1]

postal code

postal code[Repealed, SOR/90-13, s. 1]

reduced consumer price index factor

reduced consumer price index factor[Repealed, SOR/2009-286, s. 1]

rural forward sortation area

rural forward sortation area[Repealed, SOR/90-13, s. 1]


self-mailer means any article, other than a card, postcard, magazine or catalogue, that does not have an outer cover, wrapping or envelope in addition to the paper or other material on which the written communication is placed; (envoi à découvert)

single posting

single posting[Repealed, SOR/90-13, s. 1]

urban forward sortation area

urban forward sortation area[Repealed, SOR/90-13, s. 1]

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