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Pension Diversion Regulations

Version of section 17 from 2006-03-22 to 2020-12-22:

 Where an application is made pursuant to section 35.3 of the Act, the Minister shall provide the following information to the person making the application:

  • (a) the date on which the plan member ceased to be employed in the Public Service and the period of pensionable service to the credit of the plan member;

  • (b) the date of birth of the plan member;

  • (c) whether the plan member is, at the time of the application, eligible to exercise an option for a benefit under the Public Service Superannuation Act;

  • (d) whether the plan member has made such an option and, if so, the details of the option;

  • (e) if the plan member has not exercised such an option, the last day for exercising that option;

  • (f) the amount of the deferred annuity that the plan member would be entitled to receive;

  • (g) the annual allowance that the plan member would be entitled to receive had the member made an option for that benefit on the date of providing the information; and

  • (h) the date on which the information is provided.

  • SOR/97-177, s. 13
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