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Secure Air Travel Regulations

Version of section 11 from 2020-11-04 to 2022-10-27:

Marginal note:Information — removal and destruction

 Within two years after the day fixed under subsection 173(1) of the National Security Act, 2017, every air carrier must

  • (a) permanently remove all versions of the list and any information respecting listed persons from

    • (i) any system it used to comply with these Regulations as they read immediately before the day on which this section comes into force, and

    • (ii) any electronic communications system it uses to comply with these Regulations; and

  • (b) permanently destroy any document or record in its control containing information respecting a listed person.

  • SOR/2019-325, s. 13
  • SOR/2019-325, s. 14

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