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Hazardous Products Regulations

Version of section 8.6.3 from 2015-02-11 to 2022-12-14:

Marginal note:Ingredient classified in Category 1A or 1B

 A mixture is classified in the category “Carcinogenicity — Category 1” if it contains at least one ingredient at a concentration equal to or greater than the concentration limit of 0.1% that is classified in the subcategory “Carcinogenicity — Category 1A” or in the subcategory “Carcinogenicity — Category 1B”, unless

  • (a) there are data for the mixture as a whole that demonstrate conclusively, based on established scientific principles, that the mixture is carcinogenic, in which case the mixture is classified as a carcinogenic mixture in accordance with section 8.6.1; or

  • (b) the mixture as a whole has been subjected to a carcinogenicity study that determines that the mixture is not carcinogenic, and a scientifically validated method was used and the study was performed in accordance with generally accepted standards of good scientific practice at the time it was carried out.

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