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Hazardous Products Regulations

Version of section 7.2.1 from 2015-02-11 to 2022-12-14:

Marginal note:Exclusions

  •  (1) Any product that is classified in a category of the hazard class “Flammable Aerosols” need not be classified in any category of this hazard class.

  • Marginal note:Categories

    (2) A flammable gas is classified in a category of this hazard class in accordance with the following table:


    Column 1Column 2
    1Flammable Gases — Category 1

    A gas that

    • (a) is ignitable when mixed with air at a concentration ≤ 13.0% by volume; or

    • (b) has a flammable range when mixed with air ≥ 12 percentage points, regardless of the lower flammable limit

    2Flammable Gases — Category 2A gas that is not classified in the category “Flammable Gases — Category 1” and has a flammable range when mixed with air
  • Marginal note:Calculation method

    (3) Test data have priority over data obtained using a calculation method. If a calculation method is used to establish whether a gas is classified in a category of this hazard class, the calculation method set out in the International Organization for Standardization standard ISO 10156:2010 entitled Gases and gas mixtures — Determination of fire potential and oxidizing ability for the selection of cylinder valve outlets, as amended from time to time, or any other calculation method that is a scientifically validated method, must be used.

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