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Nunavut Mining Regulations

Version of the schedule from 2020-11-01 to 2021-01-29:

SCHEDULE 1(Subsections 3(1) and (4) and paragraphs 82(1)(c) and 83(1)(b))


Column 1Column 2
ItemDescriptionFee ($)
1Copy of a record, per page1.00
2Licence issued to an individual5.00
3Licence issued to a corporation50.00
4Duplicate licence2.00
5Identification tags or reduced-area tags, per set2.00
6Application to record a claim or a reduced-area claim, per hectare in the claim0.25
7Application for a prospecting permit25.00
8Request to group prospecting permits10.00
9Request to transfer a prospecting permit25.00
10Certificate of work, per hectare in the claim0.25
11Request to group recorded claims10.00
12Application for extension to do work on a claim, per hectare in the claim0.25
13Recording an official plan of survey of a claim, per claim in the survey2.00
14Application for lease of a recorded claim or renewal of a lease, per claim in the lease25.00
15Recording a transfer of a lease and any other document pertaining to a lease25.00
16Recording any document pertaining to a claim, per entry2.00
17Request to cancel the recording of a claim10.00
  • SOR/2020-209, s. 34

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