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Nunavut Mining Regulations

Version of section 22 from 2014-03-28 to 2021-01-29:

Marginal note:Effect of expiration or cancellation of permit

  •  (1) The lands that were covered by a prospecting permit that has expired or has been cancelled are open for prospecting and staking at noon on the day following the first business day after the day on which the permit expired or was cancelled.

  • Marginal note:Temporary prohibition relating to former permittee

    (2) For one year after a prospecting permit expires or is cancelled, the former permittee and any person related to the former permittee are not permitted to

    • (a) apply for a prospecting permit for a zone, or apply to record a claim, that covers any part of the area that was covered by the expired or cancelled permit; or

    • (b) acquire a legal or beneficial interest in a prospecting permit or claim referred to in paragraph (a).

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