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Grade Crossings Regulations

Version of section 4 from 2014-11-28 to 2021-11-25:

Marginal note:Information

  •  (1) A railway company must provide a road authority, in writing, with the following information in respect of a public grade crossing:

    • (a) the precise location of the grade crossing;

    • (b) the number of tracks that cross the grade crossing;

    • (c) the average annual daily railway movements;

    • (d) the railway design speed;

    • (e) the warning system in place at the grade crossing;

    • (f) an indication of whether a Stop sign is installed on the same post as the Railway Crossing sign; and

    • (g) an indication of whether or not whistling is required when railway equipment is approaching the grade crossing.

  • Marginal note:Timing

    (2) The information must be provided on receipt of a notice under section 3 of the Notice of Railway Works Regulations.

  • Marginal note:Timing — existing grade crossing

    (3) In the case of an existing grade crossing, the information must be provided not later than the day that is two years after the day on which these Regulations come into force, if a notice under section 3 of the Notice of Railway Works Regulations has not been received within that two-year period.

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