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Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Data and System Requirements By-law

Version of section 5 from 2010-12-08 to 2010-12-31:

The following provision is not in force.

Marginal note:Requirements

  •  (1) For the purpose of confirming that a member institution has the capabilities required by this By-law, the Corporation may request the institution to provide or make available to the Corporation the standardized data, or any portion of it, and evidence demonstrating that the member institution has the capability described in subsection 4(4). The member institution must provide or make available that data or evidence within 10 business days after receiving the request from the Corporation.

  • Marginal note:Certification

    (2) In every premium year that begins on or after May 1, 2013, every member institution must certify whether or not it is in compliance with this By-law and must submit that certification with the Return of Insured Deposits that it submits under subsection 22(1) of the Act.

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