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Maritime Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Version of section 59 from 2021-06-04 to 2023-12-19:

  •  (1) In all vessels in which a heating system is required, steam must not be used as a medium for heat transmission within crew accommodation.

  • (2) The heating system must be capable of maintaining the temperature in crew accommodations at a satisfactory level under normal conditions of weather and climate likely to be met within the trade in which the vessel is engaged.

  • (3) Radiators and other heating apparatus must be placed and, where necessary, shielded so as to avoid risk of fire, danger or discomfort to the occupants.

  • (4) If weather and climate conditions so require, power for the operation of the air conditioning, heating and other aids to ventilation must be available at all times when employees are living or working on board the vessel.

  • SOR/2019-246, s. 250(F)
  • SOR/2021-122, s. 29(E)

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