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Maritime Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Version of section 56 from 2021-06-04 to 2023-12-19:

  •  (1) The system of ventilation for sleeping quarters and mess rooms must be controlled so as to maintain the air in a satisfactory condition and to ensure sufficient air circulation at all times.

  • (2) All sanitary facilities must have ventilation to the open air, independent of any other part of the accommodation.

  • (3) Each personal service room and galley must be ventilated to provide at least two changes of air per hour

    • (a) by mechanical means, if the room is normally used by 10 or more employees at any one time; or

    • (b) by mechanical means or natural ventilation through a window or similar opening, if the room is normally used by fewer than 10 employees and

      • (i) the window or opening is located on an outside wall of the room, and

      • (ii) not less than 0.2 m2 of unobstructed ventilation is provided for each of the employees who normally use the room at any one time.

  • (4) If an employer provides ventilation by mechanical means, the amount of air provided for a type of room set out in column 1 of the table to this subsection must be no less than that set out in column 2.


    Minimum Ventilation Requirements for Change Rooms, Sanitary Facilities and Shower Rooms

    Column 1Column 2
    ItemType of RoomVentilation Requirements in litres per second (l/s)
    1Change Room
    (a) for employees with clean work clothes(a) 5 l/s per m2 of floor area
    (b) for employees with wet or sweaty work clothes(b) 10 l/s per m2 of floor area; 3 l/s exhausted from each locker
    (c) for employees who work where work clothes pick up heavy odours(c) 15 l/s per m2 of floor area; 4 l/s exhausted from each locker
    2Sanitary Facility10 l/s per m2 of floor area; at least 10 l/s per toilet compartment
    3Shower Room10 l/s per m2 of floor area; at least 20 l/s per shower head
  • (5) If an employer provides for the ventilation of a galley or a canteen by mechanical means, the rate of change of air must be at least 9 l/s for each employee who is normally employed in the galley at any one time or for each employee who uses the canteen at any one time, as the case may be.

  • SOR/2019-246, s. 248
  • SOR/2021-122, s. 27

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