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Veterans Well-being Regulations

Version of section 25 from 2013-01-01 to 2019-03-31:

  •  (1) A person who is in receipt of an earnings loss benefit — or would, but for their level of income, be in receipt of it — shall

    • (a) in the case of a veteran,

      • (i) notify the Minister of any change to employment earnings, and

      • (ii) provide the Minister with an annual statement of employment earnings;

    • (b) notify the Minister of any changes to benefits or amounts payable from sources referred to under section 22 or 23 other than increases resulting from indexation;

    • (c) provide the Minister with annual statements of benefits or amounts payable from sources referred to in section 22 or 23; and

    • (d) at the request of the Minister, provide the information or documents referred to in any of paragraphs (a) to (c) or provide any other information or documents that are necessary to enable the Minister to assess the person’s continued eligibility for earnings loss or to determine the amount of benefit payable.

  • (2) The Minister may suspend payment of an earnings loss benefit to a person who fails to comply with subsection (1) until the information and documents are provided.

  • (3) Before suspending payment of an earnings loss benefit, the Minister shall provide the person with written notification of the reasons for the suspension and the effective date of the suspension.

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  • SOR/2011-302, s. 5
  • SOR/2012-289, s. 14(E)

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