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Pest Control Products Regulations

Version of section 17.8 from 2017-09-21 to 2023-12-03:

Marginal note:Minister to identify compensable data

  •  (1) For the purpose of subsection 7(2) of the Act, the Minister must provide the applicant with a list of the compensable data that they may use or rely on and in respect of which they will need to enter into an agreement with each registrant.

  • Marginal note:Request to enter agreement

    (2) On receipt of the list of compensable data, the applicant may send a copy of an agreement to the registrant to enter into with respect to such of that data that they wish to use or rely on, by certified or registered mail or any other method of delivery that provides proof of delivery.

  • SOR/2010-119, s. 2
  • SOR/2017-169, s. 3

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