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Political Activities Regulations

Version of section 2 from 2006-03-22 to 2012-11-13:

 A request for permission from the Commission to seek nomination as a candidate, referred to in subsection 114(1) or (2) or section 115 of the Act, or a request for leave of absence without pay, referred to in subsection 114(3) of the Act, shall be in writing and include

  • (a) the applicant’s position title;

  • (b) a detailed description of the applicant’s duties, approved by the organization that employs the applicant;

  • (c) the level of the applicant’s position;

  • (d) the location of the applicant’s place of work;

  • (e) the nature of the election involved and the electoral district for which the applicant is seeking nomination, if applicable; and

  • (f) the date by which the applicant requires a decision from the Commission.

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