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Rules of Procedure for Boards of Review

Version of section 10 from 2006-03-22 to 2011-01-10:

  •  (1) An interested person who intends to intervene in an inquiry shall file with the Board and serve on the Minister and every party a written application for leave to intervene that

    • (a) states whether the person intends to appear at the hearing;

    • (b) establishes that the person's interest justifies intervenor status; and

    • (c) states the issues that the person intends to address at the inquiry.

  • (2) The Board, in determining whether to grant intervenor status and the opportunity to appear before it in accordance with section 335 of the Act, shall provide the parties and the Minister the opportunity to make representations on whether the person should be granted intervenor status and take into consideration any other relevant matter, including

    • (a) the nature of the inquiry;

    • (b) the issues;

    • (c) whether the person has a genuine interest in the issues;

    • (d) the likelihood of the person being able to make a useful and different contribution to the Board's understanding of the issues; and

    • (e) any delay or prejudice that may be caused.

  • (3) The Board must notify the Minister and the parties of its decision with respect to an application for leave to intervene.

  • (4) The Board may direct the Minister or a party to provide to an intervenor information or evidence that they provided to the Board prior to the filing of the application for leave to intervene.

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